Computing in a Much More Portable Way: The Kee4 Keyboard

I know most people probably are indifferent to the keys on a keyboard. “As long as I can use every feature that I need, it doesn’t matter which brand.” That’s the average computer user’s attitude towards computing anyways.

If you’re anything like me, though, having the power to control exactly what you’re doing on screen is an absolute necessity (it’s for that reason that I prefer to publish in PDF rather than in Microsoft Word). But aside from that, I find that having full control helps to alleviate my OCD, if only because I know that when I fail at something, it’s after I’ve tried every possible solution available on the internet, which brings me to the point of this article.


When working with Word Processors, typing up documents, regardless of which editor you use, the problem of “how do I insert a specific character into my document?” shows up often enough. With the standard keyboard, you end up trying to figure out which key combinations or which Alt + Number Pad combo will get you the accented e’s or a’s. Then there are days where you’re eating at your desk and you spill soda all over your keyboard, and have no way of replacing it.  This is the Kee4 Keyboard.

This nifty little keyboard comes with only four keys and a thumb strap, and the keys are enough to co-ordinate inputting every feature on a regular keyboard, while taking up as little space as possible. The keyboard was designed by Citta consulting and operates as a wireless keyboard without the need for additional software. The design itself is pretty good, and like mentioned before, it functions as well as a standard keyboard if you know what you’re doing. The nice thing about it is that it really minimalizes what we put in our workspaces, and gives us room to do more with that workspace (for example, if you’re a student, you can be online browsing Facebook and still have room on your desk for a notebook or homework assignments.

The keyboard has a bit of a learning curve, memorizing all the keystrokes and press-release orders for the keys, but it looks like a really good idea for the future of technology. The keyboard is currently in its prototype phases, and will be smaller when it’s out for production, but you can check out how it works in the demo video below.

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Via: Inventor Spot