Look Out Sookie: Vampire Killing Kit

With all the recent focus on vampires and zombies in the media, it’s no surprise that something like this vintage (read as “antique”) vampire killing kit has surfaced.    The kit is being auction off and features an ivory Christian cross, a spring-loaded single-shot .41 caliber pistol, a steel dagger, ivory cleaning rod and ivory powder cap.

No doubt this kit contains all that a discerning Van Helsing type individual would need to kill off any and all vampires that may be roaming the neighborhood at twilight.  Granted, anyone who is also interested in firearms and/or  eligious memorobilia will most likely be interested in this artifact.

The auction house reports that this particular was one of a set of four original kits. According to the information released by the auctioneers, this piece was “liberated” from a German museum during World War II.  That’s right, from museum to soldier’s hands.  Sergeant Glen Pendelton figured it wasn’t enough to just go around collecting items off odf ead Nazis, he figured he’d also take this unique souvenir back to the states with him.   Then again, Berlin was being bombed and destroyed, so maybe Pendleton just figured he’d hold onto the killing kit for safe keeping.

The kit was originally produced in the 19th century and features all sorts of ivory, rubies and semi-precious stones.  No doubt vampires would prefer to be killed by something that is rare and beautiful.  Look out Sookie. This is the type of item that horror movies often feature.   It seems like a standard plotline might go something like this: unaware buyer purchases kit and suddenly has to do battle with the immortal bloodsuckers themselves.

The box measures approximately 4 and 3/4 inches, by 3 and 5/8, by 1 and 5/8.  No word on how much this pieces is expected to go for, but no doubt there will be quite an interesting audience of buyers in attendance.

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Via: BuzzFeed