The Steampunk Record Player Works And Looks Awesome!

Steampunk items, such as the Steampunk Nautilus Viewer, Homemade Ultramarines Bolt Pistol and Steampunk Pinhole Camera, have already created waves in the tech world; this Steampunk Record Player is a nice addition to the steampunk line up.
Steampunk Record Player 1

This Record player works on real steam and plays the number The Sex Pistols – God Save the Queen. It reminds one of the trains running on the steam mechanism. Explaining the whole process behind this concept and getting it turned into reality, the maker of the record player says that the first thing he made was a small steam engine. Following it, he arranged other required things like a boiler out of certain copper water pipe and then a small throttle valve. The only things that he need later on were a firebox and a wooden platter with a weight.

The maker of the steampunk record player says that his main goal was to make and design a steampunk project that has never before been introduced by anybody. Though his previous idea with this steampunk was to make a pickup and horn that looks old fashioned gramophone, that did not happen and the final outcome appeared in the form of this steam powered gramophone. With a course of full study and tests and calculations, he at last could come out with the final thing which has been able to gather much of the attention and interest.

Steampunk Record Player 2

The creator of this record player said that there was one trouble that as the platter begins to reel the PID controller at once draws the throttle to the minimum RPMs. It must be noticed that the throttle is kept at the half way point till the things become steady else the throttle setting can be too low for the engine to make it run.

Even the PID requires tuning to make it work well and thus we can say that the results are not as accurate and satisfactory as a normal record player. However, you can have a look at the Steampunk Record Player and the designer has revealed that he will be making certain amendments to make the recorder flawless.

Via: Asciimation