Homemade Ultramarines Bolt Pistol [Warhammer 40K]

If you’re a fan of the Warhammer 40K tabletop, then you may or may not be aware of the Ultramarines Movie that will be released at some point in the future. As a result, the production team for the movie gave Graphic Designer Harrison Krix a call, asking him to make a replica of an ultramarine Bolt Pistol, which he designed to match the look of the one held by Severus of the Ultramarines. The design of the bolt pistol looks really well done; it’s detailed and generally looks pretty accurate. ultramarinebolt1 The pistol has a lot of great detail in it, and is made of wood and PVC pipes, which have been painted, primed, repainted, and touched up. The finished product even looks like it’s been used in battle quite a lot, with the wear of the paint. The details on it look absolutely beautiful, and you can tell without even looking too closely that accuracy in the details was successful; you can tell that the Ultramarines Logo and the seal of the Emperor are done beautifully and with such detail. It’s hard to believe that it started as a bunch of wood. ultramarinebolt2 The design by Volpinprops looks pretty good, and as a whole, it looks amazing. The materials’ list is pretty light, but there are a variety of things used throughout, such as styrene sheets, apoxie sculpt, PVC piping, and of course the paints, primer, and finishes. It looks like it took a lot of work, and it in fact, did take about 9 days to build, with all the cutting, gluing, and sanding that needed to be done. ultramarinebolt3 The following are pictures of the finished product and detailing. ultramarinebolt4 ultramarinebolt5 ultramarinebolt6 ultramarinebolt7 ultramarinebolt8 The finished bolt pistol has a nice metallic feel to it, weighing almost 17lbs, and being nearly 2 feet long. The design looks like it was meant to be held by a super soldier, rather than a human being of average size. Despite the fact that it took him 9 days in rush, it turned out looking great, and is really worth admiring. ultramarinebolt9 A pretty awesome looking bolt pistol done really well, and I have to say, any fan would love to have one, because it really is just that cool. ultramarinebolt10 You can check out more homemade replicas like the replica lightsaber, the District 9 Arc Gun replica, or the LED Coil Gun.