The Original Tron Isn’t the Only Thing That’s a 1/6

For those of you unfamiliar with the original Tron, it was one of the first movies to bring the audience into the inner workings of a supercomputer. Tron personified computer software and data – such as virus detectors and old memory files – with human actors and actresses.

Kevin Flynn in black

Despite the interesting concept, the movie was terrible, and would probably have earned a rating of 1/6. Perhaps in homage to the original, 1/6-scale models of Kevin Flynn have been mass-produced to promote the long awaited sequel, Tron: Legacy.

Notable for its acute detail, the model is a must-have for any member of Tron‘s massive cult following. The face of Jeff Bridges has been expertly replicated. The wrinkles in his forehead, the graying hair and beard, his furrowed eyebrows and even his ears have been molded with severe precision.


The model comes with the pseudo-Jedi/ninja robes seen in Legacy in both black and white. The wardrobe also includes a black overcoat, a black skirt and removable boots that are complemented by the dexterity of the model’s limbs to bestow the creative freedom you need for Flynn to pose with whatever attitude you can imagine.

kevin flynn white

To broaden your freedom even more, you’re given two sets of hands: an open pair for tranquil states and fists for the more exciting moments. And, of course, the vicious Identity Discs are also included in black and white.

Most importantly, though, is the Light Cycle. Yes, the notoriously dangerous motorcycles that leave fatal neon trails in their wake are included in this already in-depth and super-cool 1/6-scale model. And unlike the crummy Light Cycles from Tron, those from Legacy can turn at angles other than 90 degrees! That was ridiculous! Really, what more could you ask for?

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Via: Hot Toys 1/6 Kevin Flynn Toy