CardSharp: Awesome Credit Card-Sized Folding Knife

For when you just need to carry a blade in your wallet, and to do so in style, Iain Sinclair comes along and designs this fantastic little beauty, a lightweight ‘credit card’ that folds into a utility knife. You’ve probably seen credit card multitools before. These slim, card-shaped gadgets house whatever you supposedly need: lockpicks, waffle irons, jumper cables. You usually end up with many things you don’t need, and shoddy versions of what you do need. The CardSharp keeps it simple by being only two things, a card and a knife.

In ‘card form’, it still looks fantastic. Seriously, you’ll wish that your debit card looked this badass. And since your debit card is likely cheap plastic with a picture of mountains or puppies, you know I’m right. The CardSharp is smooth, brushed stainless steel, and you’ll hate keeping it in your wallet: not because it’s too thick and bulky, mind you, but because you’ll want to show it off to everybody. The blade itself is quite visible in card form, with the razor-sharp edge housed safely within the minute thickness of the card, ensuring that you won’t cut yourself when you reach for it.

CardSharp Folding Credit Card Blade

Three folds later, this metal rectangle becomes a perfect utility knife, something that everyone should really carry on their person. And when you can do it in style with this 13 gram, 2.2 mm thick tool rather than lugging around a bulky Swiss Army knife or other multitool, there’s no reason not to. Whether you want to take it camping, open boxes with it, or use it in the garden, anyone should be able to find at least one practical use for this slick 3″ blade, if not many more.

The CardSharp is not yet for sale, but pre-orders are being accepted. When this bad boy goes on the market in January, it will sell for £15 (~$23), but you can reserve it by putting down half that amount as a deposit. Trust me, if you really want one of these, you’ll want to pre-order because you can be sure that everyone will be clamoring for one.

Via: OhGizmo!