Iron Man Cake Inspires the Baker In you

Of all the superheroes that Marvel Comics has given to us, Iron Man has to be the most prolific and mysterious. This cake here was inspired by Iron Man and was created by a long time Marvel Comics fan.

While the cake looks delicious and even comes with a real light in his palm, Debbie Goard surely knows what it takes to actually bring the attitude of Iron Man to the cake. The cake looks deliciously red in colour and Iron Man’s eyes may look blank, but they still convey a sense of cold determination and awe inspiring nonchalance towards those that try to defeat him. Iron Man’s character is an interesting one, for he was born in a rich household and went with the name “Anthony Edward Stark”.

He gets kidnapped by thugs who force him to build a weapon of mass destruction. Instead, he builds a protective suit that he uses to escape from his captor and also later no to save the world from various negative forces. Iron Man continues to inspire the younger generations through decades and many of us have grown up looking up to this particular character.

In fact, Iron Man has been turned into movies several times, and he even appeared as a cameo in “Incredible Hulk” which was released in 2008. Iron Man 3 would be released in 2013, and Robert Downey Jr is expected to play the part. If this was a lot of information for you to digest, I suggest you go ahead and shop for a lot of butter, dough, icing, syrups, cherries and cake so that you could bake your own Iron Man in the warmth and comfort of your kitchen.

You would not only be paying tribute to one of the most important comic characters in the world, but would also be thanking him for inspiring you to bake a cake. If you are not much of a sweet lover, you could take a look at the Chibi Lego Iron Man, which looks formidable. You could also wear the amazing Steampunk Iron Man Helmet.