Sega Presents Toylets: A Game for the Public Loo

When it comes to designing video games and developing hardware related to gaming, there is no competition to the land of the rising sun, otherwise known as Japan. Some of the biggest gaming corporations were born in Japan. Iconic video games such as Donkey Kong and Super Mario were also conceived in the island nation.

Sega was a major player in the video game console segment in the eighties and nineties. The company developed popular consoles such as Genesis and Dreamcast, which carried critically acclaimed titles such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Jet Grind Radio. At the turn of the new millennium, the gaming company decided to cease development of consoles and focus on developing video games that would run on other consoles.

Circa 2010 Sega is back developing gaming hardware, not in the traditional console-based segment, but in an entirely new one. Before we proceed to tell you about it, there is a question we would like you to think about: Whenever you have answered nature’s call in a public loo, have you looked at the glazed, blank wall in front of you and thought that it could do with something more interesting?

Sega is in running a trial of gaming systems that are installed on blank walls inside public urinals that allow people using them to play games while they relieve themselves. This gaming system has been titled Toylets and is quickly catching the attention of the gaming-crazed people. Answering nature’s call would no longer be a dull, dreary affair with a gaming screen to keep you company.

The hardware of the unique gaming system consists of a rectangular shaped flat frame that has a windowed displayed screen. The frame is connected to a pressure sensor located in porcelain pot. The title ‘Toylets’ is inscribed above the screen in Japanese script and the name of the manufacturer, Sega, is inscribed below the screen in English. Four black screws attach the rectangular frame to the wall.

Toylets currently has four, very interesting, games that might just entice people to take a leak much more often than they should. One game consists of blowing a girl’s skirt as high as possible with the force of the wastewater gushing out of your body. Another game involves matching your pissing force against the previous guy who used the same repository.

The next time you relieve yourself in a public urinal you might just find yourself playing a game in the midst of it.

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Via: Engadget