Deck the Halls of the Millenium Falcon with this Star Wars Wreath

Christmas is arriving in a matter of days, so what do you do if you’re a Star Wars fan with no decorations to ring in the holidays? Make your own, of course!
star wars wreath

This appears to be a traditional holiday wreath when you see it from a distance, but as you look at it up close, you will realize that it’s made up of a variety of Star Wars action figures that have been painted green. It definitely has a festive air to it, besides the awesome nerdiness, though of course, a more formal Christmas celebrator might find this too tacky for the occasion.

The design was created by Bonnie Burton, who gives some simple instructions on making it yourself – it’s extremely easy, and absolutely perfect for any family celebrating a very nerdy Christmas! You just need a Christmas garland from a big box store and some glittery green spray paint. I believe Bonnie used regular acrylics, but I think spray paint would be faster and more even. So, spray paint the action figures until they’re fully coated, and when they’re dry, you can attach them to the wreath with twist ties. You can also use a larger figurine as a topper – here, a Tie Fighter was used to bring the piece together.

star wars characters christmas wreath

I’d personally spray paint some of the characters in a different colour – for example, the somewhat more ornament-looking R2-D2s would look even better if they were painted a shiny red colour that matched the ribbon. The creator also suggests making different themed wreaths, like white for Hoth, which I think is a brilliant idea! A Death Star black wreath would be an interesting twist for Halloween, but probably not appropriate for this particular occasion unless you’re gothic.

It’s just a shame there isn’t a Star Trek inspired wreath to match it for fans of the competing franchise – it would be called the “Wreath of Khan”.

If you’re looking for some last-minute Christmas gifts, this comprehensive list of 31 Star Wars Christmas presents will be perfect for you. On the other hand, if you’re focusing on just getting the coolest decorations ever, you might want to check out some geeky Christmas ornaments.

star wars characters christmas wreath design

Via: Craftzine