Jump Start Your Phone Battery

Electronic devices have become extremely portable which has resulted in users carrying more than one gadget to work or to school. It is common for users nowadays to juggle between multiple cell phones, portable media players, and a handheld gaming device. With users consuming gadgets for the majority of the day, battery life has become an important aspect.How many times has the battery run out of power when we are on an important call or listening to our favourite track? There are portable rechargeable stations available that can recharge the battery while you are on the move. However, what the user needs at that point time is a few more precious seconds than a recharge, especially if it is an important official call.

Designers Chu Li-Chiao, Yang Hsiang-Hui, Chen You-Ren & Lin Chun-Jun have come up with an innovative solution to provide that precious battery life when the power runs out on a mobile device. The Jump-Start CARD recharges batteries and allows users to use them instantly. The innovative solution is based on jump-start cables for automobile vehicles and works on the same principle: draw power from one source to recharge another.

The Jump-Start CARD is a sleek, aesthetic recharging device that is the size of a normal credit card. The card has a battery symbol imprinted on it, which is neatly divided into two halves. A recharge symbol in the form of a stylized ‘Z’ is placed in the middle of the card.

To jump-start a dead battery back to life, the user needs to remove the dead battery and place it on one half of the Jump-Start CARD. Next, a fresh battery from another mobile device needs to be placed on the other half of the card. The intelligent device recognizes the two batteries placed on it and automatically begins to draw power from one to recharge another.

You do not need cables or batteries of any kind to power the card. It works on a Wireless Short-distance Electromagnetic Induction Technology. In other words, the smart card is fitted with positive and negative electrodes that transfer power from one source to the other.

Multiple ‘fresh’ batteries can be placed on the card to jump-start a dead one. As the smart card is packed with an acrylic body frame, it is absolutely safe to use in any kind of environment.

The Jump-Start CARD is another attempt to provide gadget users with a smart solution to power their batteries on the go.

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