Spice Up The Holidays With an Angry Gingerbird House

Everyone knows how to bring home the holidays with the traditional festive delicacies that we’ve all come to know and love. However, there is one dessert that is so reviled it induces partygoers with an unbridled rage. This holiday abomination goes by the name of Fruit Cake. While most would like to avoid this tooty fruity lump it will inevitably find its way upon the table; ruining Christmas ten times over. A victim may find themselves asking,  “What could be great enough to save Christmas?” Three words:
Angry Gingerbird House.

This Angry Birds inspired gingerbread house was created by flickr user zero-lives. Admitting to be a bit of an amateur baker and given that the structural balance in the game isn’t actually safe, the creator quickly snapped these photos of the finished product and also some of the house when it unavoidably collapsed upon itself.

The jolly treat represents everything one would come to love about the Angry Birds game;  for instance, there are green fearful pigs cowering from their past transgressions, catapulting kamikaze birds wedged into the rooftops,  and a shambling ill constructed shelter. The house is even layered in snow to showcase the holiday theme. If that doesn’t scream out Christmas and Angry Birds I don’t know what does.

What does it take to create something on such a high level of awesome? Not much really. The average grocery store sells just about everything you’d need. What does require a minor amount of greatness would have to be a bit of architectural know-how and a relative awareness of how physics works.

Given some carefully calculated measurements and a little reinforcement here and there this house could stand a chance at surviving its way through a dinner until it is torn into by rabid children with an undying sweet tooth. It might even be an entertaining thought to throw some decorated peanut M&M’s at the house to keep the mood of the game going. If you’re into Angry Bird themed desserts and snacks you might want to check out these Angry Bird Chocolate Cakes. There’s even one with the whole clan!