Shoelace iPhone Covers: Feel Like a Spy Talking into a Shoe

An iPhone may be the best style icon a geek could ever own, but it could also become funky and unique if there is a little creativity in sight. These funky shoelace iPhone covers may raise a few eyebrows but they sure look pretty cool as well.

While it is everyone’s knowledge that iPhones are expensive and need to be well taken care of, some people go the extra mile and make sure even the covers are stylish, funky or unique in their own way. The shoelace iPhone Cover almost looks like a sneaker itself, and could attract the attention of a lot of people around you when you remove the phone, if you choose to buy it.

The coolest thing about the Shoelace iPhone Cover is that it comes in many different colours and you could choose the one that best suits your personality. The makers also suggest that you should buy all the covers and laces available in different colours so that you could mix and match them, depending on how your mood is. It costs just $27.90.

I especially like the black and violet combination which looks dark and royal at the same the time. It is funny how iPhones have become fashion icons more than anything else and this perhaps proves that technology in a bland form will not appeal to the aesthetic minded people. There has to be a little visual appeal and glamour associated with any sort of gadget for it to become as popular as the iPhone.

If you are not really fond of colourful sneakers but are looking for other cool iPhone covers, you could take a look at the Bacon iPhone Sleeve, which makes you want to gobble down your own telecommunication device. The Wood iPhone Cover reminds you that plastic is not great for the environment and should be avoided as much as possible. However, I really find these Shoelace iPhone Covers funky and street-chic!