DIY Dieselpunk Amp is Solid

This Do-It-Yourself Dieselpunk amp resembles a lunchbox, which is no surprise since the amp uses a blank metal lunchbox as a base.  The page at provides step-by-step  instructions for creating your own super cool Dieselpunk amp.  Or, if you’re not a Dieselpunk fan and you’re creative you can probably use this template to inspire your own project.The original project was posted on one of my favorite websites, Instructables, which offers all sorts of unique DIY projects for those of varying levels of ability and creativity.  The goal of the original project was to create a small and simple speaker — but you can see by the pictures that the project became slowly more and more involved, until it became a wickedly awesome speaker box.

What is Dieselpunk? Dieselpunk is somewhat similar to its more popular cousin, Steampunk, but seems to have a slightly smaller following.  People who are interested in the more metallic, industrial look of the 1940s and 1950s might be drawn more to Dieselpunk than Steampunk.  Not much of a difference, it just depends on how you’re powering up.

This project is a little bit more complicated than some DIY projects, but if you have a decent bit of electronics knowledge you can probably pull this one off.  The supply list is relatively simple,and requires (among other things): a metal lunchbox, two watt stereo kit, 12VDC power transformer and any variety of decorative bits.

For those of you out there who are into unique gifts and handmade projects this might be just the thing to keep you busy if you’re snowed in.  Besides, a project like this will make you the envy of all your DIY friends who are always looking for a cool new project.  You could, if you were feeling benevolent, make this speaker-box amp for a friend — but I would be just inclined to keep this one for myself.

If you’re interested in other strange gadgets like this Dieselpunk Amp, you might also be interested in the Steampunk Pinhole Camera that we reviewed a little while back.  For whatever reason there doesn’t seem to be as much in the way of Dieselpunk out there as there is in the way of Steampunk, so you might also want to check out this Steampunk R2D2 project.

Via: Unplggd