Delicious South Park Themed Cupcakes

For years now South Park has made us LOL and ROFL with its brilliant, out of the box humor. They’ve made fun of Facebook, Kanye West, Jersey Shore, Inception and the list just doesn’t end. What’s cooler is that celebs actually feel privileged to be featured and have their cases taken on South Park. Now that’s what you call power and to mark the level of power this show commands, here are some kickass South Park Themed Cupcakes.South Park Themed Cupcakes

These Cupcakes are perfect replicas of our beloved characters from South Park, Colorado. We have the foursome; Stan Marsh in his trademark red and blue cap; the lone Jew, Kyle Broflovski; Eric Cartman, the hippie killer and Kenny McCormick concealed in his trademark orange parka.

The Cupcakes also feature other characters from the show. We have Stan’s dad and mom, Randy and Sharon Marsh; classmates, Butters Stotch, Tweek, Clyde, Bebe, Kevin and Jimmy; the Not Without My Anus superstars, Terrence and Phillip; Stan’s girlfriend, Wendy; Kyle’s younder brother, Ike and a few random Canadians, here and there but Chef and Mr. Garrison have been sadly left out.

Wouldn’t it be a grand idea to serve these mouth-watering South Park Cupcakes at a geek get-together or a costume party, where you and a couple of friends could say dress up as Stan, Kyle, Eric and Kenny?

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Via: The Daily What