Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset from BlueAnt [Hands On Review]

For those looking for a high-end Bluetooth headset, the Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset from BlueAnt is a remarkable BT device that consists of a sleek, practical and innovative device.

blueant q2 smart bluetooth headset

We have previously reviewed the S4 Bluetooth Voice Controlled Speakerphone, the T1 Rugged Bluetooth Headset, and also the not-so-recent F4 Motorcycle Headset. This time around, we were fortunate to get our hands on the amazing Q2 Smart headset.

The Q2 Smart is high-end in all needed areas: looks, feel and use.


The Q2 is a sleek looking bluetooth headset that is stylish in its design with color, curves and fit. Its thin rounded edges add an extra style that would cater to sophisticated executives as well as stylish geeks. One may consider it minimalistic in its look.

q2 bluetooth headset blueant smart


Just like the T1, the Q2 fits awesome with its silicon ear buds, which also include the loop for the extra hold. The difference with the Q2 is that it is thinner than the T1, and while they weigh exactly the same, the Q2 feels more aligned with the cheek, thus comfortable.

q2 blueant smart bluetooth headset


This is another winner from BlueAnt, as the Q2 provides superior audible quality including awesome Voice user features: voice control, voice calling, and voice answering. Its intuitiveness is apparent as you turn it on, it immediately guides you through connection ot your Bluetooth Smartphone. As with the S4, it practically awaits your word when it comes to voice control…simply say: “Blueant Speak to Me” and you are started. Moreover, as it also includes caller announcement, letting you know ahead of time, so you can decide whether to answer or reject the call 🙂

The Call quality is extremely good, even with high winds and noise, as it consists of the Wind Armour Technology along with noise and echo reduction.

q2 smart bluetooth headset blueant

Blueant continues to release amazing products that innovate and deliver great technology. With the Q2, they have really raised the bar, granting high quality and practicality in one amazing looking product.

blueant q2 smart bluetooth headset image

The Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset runs for approximately $76.