18 Really Cool Fridge Mods

If there was only one home gadget that geeks love, it would be the fridge. The fridge is what takes care of our stomach and serves us cool drinks between heated late night game sessions. But it doesn’t mean we have to put up with emotionless square boxes. There are a lot of cool refrigerator designs for you to choose from; below are 18 of them.

R2-D2 Fridge


Image Source: Technabob

The cooling apparatus cannot get any cooler with this R2-D2 fridge. Made back in 2002 as a promotional prize for an Attack of the Clones contest held at 7-11 Stores in Japan, the R2-D2 compact refrigerator was a perfect replica of the adorable droid. There were only 1000 of these rare refrigerators ever made, and you must have had the force with you to owe one of them.

Solar-Powered Fridge


Image Source: GadgetHer

A girl – yes, a girl – came up with a brilliant design of a solar-powered fridge built entirely from household materials. Sprung from Emily’s desire to do something for the third world  countries, the fridge is now actually being used and it is improving the lives of thousands of poverty-stricken people in Africa.

USB Mini Fridge and Heater


Weighed just 385gm and measured at 19.5 x 9 x 8cm, the USB mini fridge and heater relies solely on the power from the USB port plugged to your computer. Don’t let its tiny size fool you, the fridge can make your can of coke cold or your cup of coffee warm in matter of minutes.

USB Mini Fridge


Image Source: Gadgets Club

This is another B Mini Fridge that can cool your drinks from 5V USB power. It works with almost all USB ports powered gadgets including PC, Mac, X360, PS2 and PS3. As you can make out from the image, the mini fridge can’t be used with cans larger than 12oz.

Mitti Cool Clay Fridge


India is second to none when it comes to innovation. Developed by India based Manshuk Lal, Mitti Cool is a refrigerator that does not require electricity and is made of clay. The mind-blowing product works on the basic principle of evaporation: water from the upper chambers drips down the side, taking heat from the inside gets evaporated, leaving the chambers cool.

Weber Chill Roll Bar Refrigerator


Image Source: Born Rich

Constructed of rugged, powder-coated steel, the roll-bar party-refrigerator features an aluminum grip rail that can hold two beer-bottles and two mahogany side tables for holding your drink glasses. With a a huge 1.6 cubic feet capacity, the ultimate big-party cooler can be rolled both indoors and outdoors.

Mobile Refrigerator


Image Source: iWishihadthis

Another outdoor refrigerator that leaves the party goers not much left to wish for. The lightweight Roll Bar can be easily transported on its large, smooth wheels. The rechargeable battery pack can hold things cold for up to 5 hours after it’s unplugged. It comes with a table-like top surface, adjustable inner shelves, an interior light, and a bottle caddy to hang on its side.

Egg Shaped Fridge


Image Source: Technabob

Trying to think that this fridge was inspired by a futuristic spaceship rather than a simple egg will make it look much cooler. Called Egg Lutt, the fridge also has a warming mode if you want to keep something warm.

Google’s Cooler Thinking Fridge


Google Fridges are rare Google promotional goodies that preach “Cooler Thinking” instead of its traditional motto “Don’t be evil”.  The fridges come in both classic square shape and futuristic egg shape.

Transparent Fridge


Image Source: Gizmodo

Spotted at National Electronics Invention Station in Tokyo, the transparent fridge has not only a see-through case but also a super-low bottom shelf for easy in-and-out of heavy items. Even though it’s cool to look at, we wouldn’t recommend it to those who don’t have the habit of cleaning the fridge very often, or those who want to keep their gastronomical delights a little secret.

Fridge Igloo


Fridge Igloo is a unique piece of art created by Berlin-based artist Ralf Schmerberg to give us a warning about energy consumption. Made out of 322 old refrigerators bound together on a metal frame, the igloo is hooked up to an electrical meter that records the wasted energy. It artwork was installed in the center of Hamburg in the middle of the Gansmarkt.

Fridge Couch


The wedding’s pressure made Canadian designer Adrian Johnson come up with something weird for his outdoor reception. He picked up a BMW seat from his back yard, and a green fridge from a dump in Mattapoisett, then compiled the two into a unique fridge couch with the most beautiful cherry red cover.

Amcor Refrigerator Chair


Image Source: GadgetHer

If the fridge couch is a vintage piece of art, the Amcor chairs look flashy and trendy despite the fact that they are also made out of old, used refrigerators. Designed by Yinnon and Danit Simhi, the set consists of a chair and a stool made out of a single fridge.

Fridge Beer Robot


Image Source: Wired

Out of drunken dreams, folks at Wired decided to turn an ugly old fridge into a super geeky kegerator aka Beer Robot. The front, iPhone-like face of Beer Robot displays 13 “apps” while the Flip side has a HAL 9000 eye where the lens should be.

Fridge Brewer


Image Source: The Gulf Coast Hoppers

Flodato’s friend Ron is undoubtedly the coolest dude in the history of refrigerator mod when he took an old fridge and turned it into a legit piece of brewery equipment. The front is covered with 1/4″ plywood and etched a logo that announces his presence with authority.

Toolbox Garage Refrigerator


Image Source: Cool Material

Matching perfectly with the rest of your toolboxes, the Toolbox Garage Refrigerator was undoubtedly invented by a guy smart enough to sneak few drinks into the garage without being noticed by his wife or mom.

Cosmetics Fridge


Image Source: Elite Choice

A whole freaking fridge to store cosmetics is an idea that only one country in the world could possibly think of: Korea. With the size of a regular vanity box, the cosmetics fridge offers a temperature range of 8-12 Celsius degree – perfect for cooling. An elaborate control system on the front of the mini fridge lets the girl set up her calendar, timers and control the temperature.

Running Refrigerator


Image Source: Geekstir

This is one simple idea that can put a smile on your face for the rest of the day. One of the most classic and beloved prank calls of all time has been taken literally to the face of that fridge. Somebody please stop that fridge! He’s running away with my food!