Stunning Star Wars Illustrations by Liam Brazier

All of us here at Walyou are Star Wars fans, and we continually run into creative and different artworks that must be shared with our readers. This time though, the artworks by Liam Brazier take the cake for their uniqueness, colorful results and best yet…his sense of humor.

star wars boba fett liam brazer

We were able to catch up with @liambrazier and get a few interesting, hilarious and somewhat sarcastic answers about his Star Wars illustrations. He admits that while many consider his pieces ‘cubism’ of the sort, it is mostly a result of laziness. Moreover, being a Star Wars fan, the prequels don’t sit good with him either.

Besides the illustrations found below, you can see many more beautiful creations at Liam Brazier’s site, which include prints also available for purchase to the various Geeky art fans out there.

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star wars darth vader liam brazer

What do you call the actual design/art that is presented in these images?

I, personally, have only stretched as far as ‘illustrations’ – others have labelled them ‘Cubist’ which is technically incorrect and irks the old art school studying part of my brain, or even referred to them as some sort of stained glass designs. I’m happy for people to categorise them however they wish to be honest, it’s just nice to see them enjoyed.

The style was originally born from me struggling to cut out coloured pieces of paper and finding straight lines were easier than curves, so in effect the entire process is a charade of laziness.

star wars stormtrooper liam brazer

– How long does it take you to create one of the images (approximately…from thought to execution)

The Star Wars pieces were actually quite quick and fun to do – I knocked some out in less time then one of the movies, but approximately double the amount of time it took Lucas to believe the prequels were ever a good idea.

star wars tusken raider liam brazer

– Any personal reason for the Star Wars?

The trilogy were on tv recently, albeit in the ‘special’ editions which make me pull a face of bitterness and crushed nostalgia. The impetus for the mugshot illustrations was nothing more than boredom and the shortest straight line between inspiration and execution (I drew what I saw), but yes, hands up, bone-fide Star Wars geek here.

– Which character was your favorite to create?

Apart from a couple too tempting to miss I tried to steer clear of the obvious players. If pushed I’d say I think the Guard one works okay – I enjoyed the red palette and the composition of that one. The response has been hugely split on other people’s favourites though which is, frankly, flattering but massively confusing.

star wars red guard liam brazer

– Any upcoming characters you are planning on creating?

I may return to Star Wars soon, I’d actually quite like to tackle a bigger more complex scene – I (as usual) haven’t put a lot of thought into it.

– Any insight to the creation process? (i.e what kind of application, drawn by Illustrator, draft first, etc?)

I’ve never touched Illustrator in my life – I know Photoshop inside out and use it daily for work and Illustrator just seems backwards to me. I’ll learn it one day I suppose but for now I’m quite happy with my workflow.

I search for some research images, usually several different views of a character, then try and frame a composition. I have a rough minimal colour palette in mind (though I often play with this later in the process if I don’t feel it’s working correctly), block in light, medium, and dark areas, and work up the image trying to best show the contours with the minimal of shapes and shades as I can.

The rest is intuitive, I draw in each triangle one at a time then get shouted at by the girlfriend two hours later when I realise I haven’t moved or looked away from the screen since I started a long, long time ago.. 😉

star wars scout trooper liam brazer

– If you have anything additional to add, please let me know 🙂

Thank you for the interest – it is always a huge compliment in an industry which is more often than not akin to trying to scream in the depths of space. The Star Wars illustrations, and much more are available to buy if any one is interested (check the ‘shop’ link on my site) – every purchase pays for…well, not a lot to be honest but it’s nice to know they’re getting better homes.

Thanks again.

star wars c3po liam brazer

Awesome work Liam!