Reset Your Body Clock with the Re-Timer

For constant travelers, adjusting to changing time zones and jet lag can be stressful. Now, a research team from the Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia has developed specialized eyeglasses that can reset the body clock and restore normal sleep patterns. Aptly named as the “Re-Timer,” this device emits a green light that helps the body conquer jet lag and other sleep-related problems.

The head of the team is Professor Leon Lack, well recognized for his research in sleep patterns and insomnia. According to him, the Re-Timer emits a particular wavelength of light, specifically aimed at targeting the center of the brain responsible for circadian rhythms, or the body clock. In response, a gland in the brain produces hormones that help regulate sleep patterns and allow the body to adjust after traveling from different time zones.

Ideally, says Professor Lack, the Re-Timer should be worn for 50 minutes in the morning, if the user wants to sleep earlier that evening and wake up earlier the following day. On the other hand, if the user wants to sleep later and wake up later, he should wear the Re-Timer for 50 minutes before going to bed.

Other practical applications of the Re-Timer: it can possibly help eliminate insomnia, reduce sleep-related stress for employees working on night shifts, and help teenagers and students wake up earlier in the morning. The convenient thing about the Re-Timer is that it can be comfortably worn while the user is doing everyday things, like watching TV, studying, or working on the computer.

Currently, the device is sold for 162 GBP on the Re-Timer website in the UK. It comes with the battery operated goggles and a special charger which can be plugged into any computer USB slot.

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Via: Daily Mail