Wake Up Like an Action Hero with a Defusable Alarm Clock

If a regular alarm clock is just too boring for your tastes, this clock modeled after an explosive requires you to defuse it rather than just hitting the snooze. We’ve all seen the movies, with the action star staring down at the bomb as the digital display counts down closer and closer to zero. Sweat beads on their brow and the hand holding the wire cutters shakes while they try and decide which wire to cut to defuse the bomb rather than have it blow up in their face. Now you too can share that feeling of tension and horror, albeit in a toned-down way. After all, this alarm clock designed by Mike Krumpus isn’t actually a bomb, but it certainly looks like one.

This alarm clock kit isn’t for sale yet, and we’re unable to tell whether or not it would come with the fake explosives. More or less, the kit appears to be the circuit board and wire arrangement, which can be attached to whatever bomb-like apparatus you want. The two examples shown include dynamite-like tubes and C4-esque blocks of clay. There are a number of wires, but the squiggly red and yellow ones appear to be decorative only, connecting the board to the ‘explosives’. The other three, however, consist of red, white, and green wires. While we don’t see the alarm clock going off on its own at a specified time, there is a shiny red button which will start the countdown. You’re then given ten seconds to snip the correct wire, which is selected randomly each time. If you fail, well, it’s not going to blow up your apartment, but it will make an annoying beep and flash various lights at you. Are you really going to let a digital display mock you like that?


I can only imagine how impossible it must be to wake up, grab the wire cutters, and snip the correct wire all in ten seconds, but I suppose that’s one way to train your reflexes if you want to be the next John McClane or Martin Riggs. Hopefully, if and when this is made for sale, it will come with options to set the countdown timer. The other downside is that you have to replace the wires before you can use it again, so it would work best as a novelty device rather than your dedicated alarm clock. If you’re going on vacation, though, you’d be best off leaving this at home rather than packing it in your luggage. Just a suggestion. For more awesome and creative alarm clocks, check out the Money-Shredding Alarm Clock or the Acoustic Alarm Clock.