Book Carving Becomes an Art Movement

Book carving could be one of the biggest avant-garde art movements at the moment.

Alexander Korzer Robinson, Brian Dettmer and Guy Laramee are some of the pioneers and they have set examples to other artists who would like to use old books to carve out artistic narratives.

Korzer Robinson prefers working with encyclopedias as they contain several illustrations and they are all arranged in an alphabetical order.

He believes that order helps him to create narratives that juxtapose each other.

The idea is to cut out unnecessary parts of a book page by page, while leaving the illustrations as they are.

It gives the impression that the artist himself has placed these pictures in their positions, but he just removes the unwanted parts of the book while carving.

Book carving is a delicate and time consuming process but is expected to quickly turn into a coveted art movement that helps in creating narratives that might otherwise have not be explored.

Korzer Robinson admits that the end result is not only because of planning but also because of pure chance. You could also take a look at the Comic Book Art Coffee Tables that we had featured sometime ago. Phone Book Ink Portraits offer yet another narrative, confirming the existence of a wider book art movement.