15 House, M.D. Artworks to Send Off the Series

After 8 seasons and 177 episodes, House will be coming off the screen for good, leaving millions of people with a vacant spot in their heart, looking for the next misogynistic doctor-detective to come their way and sweep them off their feet when they’re watching TV on the sofa.

We thought it would be fitting to find and show the best artworks done over the years with Gregory House in the center of them. As you might have guesses, the obsession of fans with the House-Wilson relationship is in the center of many of these wonderful drawings.

The Original Foursome

By grubygrub.

Puppet Master

By harmlessfangirl.

Chibi Style

By CrystallineColey.

By Anouk-Sparrow.

Wilson’s Revenge

By Lizkay.

Under the Mistletoe

By EndingTheTale.

Wilson Marriage

By jeremia.

Pissed Off House Kitty

By FoxyRoxy237.

Playing With Toy Trucks

By harmlessfangirl.

It’s Not Lupus

By TheLaaarch.

Epic and Important Looking Cast

By werder.

The Lion King, MD

By thetigress.

Moments of Pain

By ChildOfPuck.

Trapped by Pills

By ADN-z.