The Most Amazing Iron Man 360 Mod

Case modding has become quite a popular hobby lately, but there’s always something new which blows everything else out of the water, this Iron Man 360 case mode being the newest. Iron Man, too, has been very popular, primarily due to the two hit movies starring Robert Downey, Jr. The red and gold Iron Man armor is striking, and technogeek Tony Stark is always a great fit for anything electronic. Another technogeek, Mark Bongo, dreamed up this design for an Xbox 360 console, the case a metallic “hot rod red.” Beautiful gold accents the faceplate and other ‘trim’ of the console, but the centerpiece is the arc reactor, mimicking the one Tony Stark has implanted in his chest. Yes, this arc reactor glows blue, and yes it looks absolutely amazing.

Mark Bongo Iron Man 360 Case Mod

Iron Man Tony Stark 360 Mod

Iron Man Armor 360 Case Mod

Iron Man Xbox 360 Case Mod

As if that weren’t enough, there’s even more added to the presentation with the carrying case. The Xbox 360 console can be stored in a padded case, complete with slots for controllers. Matching controllers. Yes, you can see that the controller pictured is red and gold, shiny, and totally sexy. The carrying case itself is white and gold, labeled Stark Industries and overall looking as if it stores some secret prototype device. In some ways, it even does.

I’ve seen other Iron Man case mods, most of which even incorporate the arc reactor design, but none have looked as stunning as this, and it’s hard to see how much more detailed this could get short of the console being able to unfold into a working suit of powered armor, much like Tony’s briefcase Iron Man suit. Who knows, maybe that’s Mark Bongo’s next idea. There’s a video below for a better look, including the power turning on to show you lots of beautiful glowing blue. For some more of his amazing case mods, though, check out his Millennium Falcon 360 Mod and R2-D2 Xb0x 360 Case Mod.