Stop Resisting This Delicious Borg Cube Cake

One of the hallmarks of authoritarian governments is that they hide behind the facade of uniting all the citizens.

Basically, they pretend to be inclusive to the point of suffocation and behave like Borgs from Star Trek. If you know someone who behaves like a Borg and insists on assimilating everyone around him or her into a particular thought group, you might want to bake this rude Borg Cube Cake for their birthday.

I see it more as symbolic than anything else, especially if that person encourage4s cultivating that infamous hive mind. Usually perfectionists and fixated individuals tend to behave this way without allowing any scope for dissent or argument within a team. This pattern of behavior is very similar to what we see in Star Trek’s Borg. The cake even has captions written that hark back to Star Trek.

One of the most infamous slogans of Borgs “Resistance Is Futile” is printed along the side of the cake and is a testimony to the fact that authoritarian and perfectionist people want you to surrender to their ideas and thoughts without resisting. You could also go ahead and take a look at the Borg Cube Wedding Cake that we had featured sometime ago.