Gadgets Nevermind the vuvuzelas! Introducing Brazil's annoying caixirolas

Nevermind the vuvuzelas! Introducing Brazil’s annoying caixirolas

Some people will remember the last World Cup as the first one Spain ever won. Some others will remember the vuvuzelas. We’ll remember the beginning of a new tradition. That is, to be as loud as only football/soccer fans can while playing a made up instrument in the world cup.


Everyone meet the caixirola, the Brazil World Cup 2014 official noise-maker. Everyone and their mothers might have complained about the vuvuzelas in the last World Cup, but when it came down to FIFA looking for business opportunities, they decided this World Cup needed a new noise maker. An officially sanctioned one. Enter the caixirola, the creation of Brazilian musician and artist Carlinhos Brown (no, really, his name is literally “Charlie Brown”). We’re basically speaking of a rattle-shaker which Brazilian president Rousseff called “way more beautiful than the vuvuzela”, which isn’t saying that much to begin with! The good news for the watchers is that it’s definitely not as loud: a group of researchers at Brazil’s Federal University of Santa Maria proved that it’d take 30,000 caxirolas to equal the sound pressure of a vuvuzela. Fans at home, rejoice!


FIFA themselves followed the process that led to the caixirola’s creation, labeling each one with an official seal and selling them through their website. These cost $14 USD on FIFA’s official website, and can be bought in Brazil’s yellow and green, or themed after whichever country you decide to support during the matches. These have already become the third best-seller on their website, so clearly there’s a demand for it.

There’s just one setback (you know, just in case you’re so excited you’re already rushing to buy yours): they won’t be allowed inside the stadiums, as the organizers realized the fans have a certain propensity to just fling things at the players when things aren’t going their way. Brazil’s Ministry of Justice decided the caxirola was to stay out from World Cup stadiums. Good call? Bad call? You tell us.


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