Watchdogs Gets The Commodore 64 Treatment In This Video

The open-world hacking game gets mock support on the most relic of PC platforms.

Watchdogs Commodore 64 image

What’s a Commodore 64? Wikipedia tells me it was an 8-bit home computer from the early 1980s – way before my time. Heck, way before anyone’s time, really, if we’re measuring by Internet years. So what could possibly make an ancient PC relic from the stone age totally relevant for today’s multitasking, selfie-driven hip crowd?

Easy, by roping in one of the biggest, multiplatform releases of late, Ubisoft’s open-world hacking game Watchdogs. Animator Balász Kalocsai created this rad video concept of the game based on what it would look on the C64 – complete with its own tape-deck cartridge. Yes, at one point tape-decks were used as computer software, it’s crazy, I know.

As for the C64 version of Watchdogs by Kalocsai, it’s about as bare bones both graphically and, well, everything else. He does manage to translate the core, espionage-ish trappings of the real game, but being based on very primitive technology, there’s only so much you can strip away. Thankfully, Kalocsai manages to create a perfect balance in this awesome video below.


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