Get Rid of Stage Fright with Briefcase BBQ

Most people tend to fear presentations and business meetings, especially if they experience anxiety often. Those who are neurotic find their on ways to cope with their fears and anxieties and sometimes engage in regressive behavior as well.

If you are one of those and wanted something that would distract other people’s attention in a childish way, you could try and get hold of this really cool Briefcase BBQ. The equipment can grill four burgers and can be carried anywhere you want. In fact, when the time to make a presentation comes, all you need to do is flip burgers and start grilling them after opening the briefcase.

Your audience would not only be shocked, but temped to try the burgers as soon as possible. The $52 Darwin Triangular BBQ requires charcoal briquettes to heat your burgers or whatever else you might choose to fill your stomach with. For that reason alone, you would need to carry an extra bag, so that the briquettes can be taken along as well.

It is not clear who would really buy the Briefcase BBQ unless they want to throw a practical joke. Obviously, shy and nervous people do not carry these briefcases before a presentations and I was only kidding. You could also go ahead and take a look at the Blood Stained Cook’s Attire and the iGrill Meat Thermometer, which we had introduced earlier.