Briefcase doubles as bullet-proof shield

You never know what might end up saving your life, but this laptop  bag slash briefcase might be it, as it is can become a personal bulletproof shield.


Bags and briefcases have more uses than carrying around your papers, gadgets and gear: they also can stop bullets. At least that’s the case with the MTS Multi-Threat Shield briefcase, a bag designed to be able to protect the user from a variety of weapons including bullets or knives by doubling into a three-foot long shield.

Be aware: this is a heavy gadget, at 8 pounds when empty, but if you really place security and safety higher than anything else, this is a no brainer. MTS can stop several impacts from handguns, shotguns, and pistol caliber sub-machine guns, and even some high-powered rifles thanks to an extra armor add-on (that adds more weight on top, so you can find your own balance).


Acquiring the MTS Multi-Threat Shield bag is going to set you back some $900 USD, but if you’re so concerned about getting shot that you’d consider getting a bag like this, there just aren’t many options. It’s also cheaper than a bodyguard, on top, and you won’t have to console the bag’s family after if passes away protecting you, so find some peace of mind with that.

Via Gizmodo

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