Spy gadgets make a comeback with the camera that sees around corners

James Bond’s gadgets don’t look so outlandish anymore. This is a photo camera with an incredible feature: taking pictures and seeing around corners.

Camera corner

A group of researchers at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh came up with a weird idea that, surprisingly, works. It’s a camera that by using a form of super fast imaging, it can take pictures around corners. The basic premise is that a camera this fast captures individual photons moving with their detectors. When light finally arrives at the detector, these record where and at what time it arrives.

Cam Corner 2

Jonathan Leach, a member group that developed the camera, explains that they don’t have any specific product applications just yet, so your privacy will be safe for a while longer. Still, the fact that this technology exists is pretty incredible on its own. You can learn more about it by checking the video below these lines.

Via Versus

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