The Calendar of Sexy Monsters

This set of ten movie monsters and two wannabe working class beasts is nothing more than a funny exercise in creativity. Despite each of them suggesting things that people would usually do to less monstrous beings portrayed in pin-up calendars, nothing is explicit. You know, if you see anything that's not really there, it probably is all in your mind! Erika is currently selling The Calendar of Sexy Monsters on etsy in a few different sizes. The short calendar, which measures 11" x 8.5" costs $55 or, as the artist puts it, "the price of twelve pounds of rat food." A tall calendar measuring 8.5" x 17" is available for $100, and for the immortal version, which is 11" x 22", the artist is going to grab $160 out of your wallet. Smaller versions of the calendar without the... calendar are also available.

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