Cam-Trax Brings Motion-Sense Gaming to the Masses

Motion controlling technology is quite big these days, and its popularity began with Wiimote. Of course, after sometime, Microsoft developed the Kinect Sensor that also depends heavily on motion-sensing technology.

However, most of these technologies require a certain gadget to be bought, and also a console with the help of which you could experience motion gaming.They not only cost money, but also require you to have a certain brand loyalty and would require you to stick to a particular console for quite some time at least. Cam-Trax technologies have announced a really interesting way to make sure that motion experience is brought to everyone with the help of just a regular webcam and an Internet connection.

The detection and tracking technology associated with Cam-Trax identifies human gestures and coloured objects and thus transform them into cool computer controllers. This way, you can get rid of your mouse, joystick or even your keyboard! The technology can be used on any computer and one would not need any special software to use it.

It would appeal to the mass market due to this particular quality. In the end, Cam-Trax allows you to play any PC game using any object that you would like to use as a controller. All that you would require is a regular PC and a webcam. It could even be a great way to play video games with your friends online as it would provide that personal interface which normal video games usually do not offer.

Without spending a penny, you can go ahead and play all those wonderful games which needed motion technology otherwise. Of course, your Internet connection needs to be fast. You could also take a look at the Motion Sensing Remote Controlled Jet. The Razer Sixense Motion Gaming Controllers are pretty cool too, especially if you would like to play high-end video games.