BallTribe: On the Ball Social Media for Sports Fanatics

It has been quite some time since social media driven news aggregators have become a part of our lives.

There are several such sites dedicated to technology, politics, lifestyle, culture and even gossips. However, sports fans have always been left looking for good news aggregator sites as just going to Digg to get the latest sports gossips is quite tedious.

BallTribe is a cool new social media driven news aggregator that lets sports fans and bloggers to bring the breaking sports news from various blogs and sites.

It offers a friendly and interactive medium for sports enthusiasts to vote for their favourite news links, offer their comments and views, make friends with other fans and so much more. In fact, the news links that get really popular automatically appear on the homepage, which would help the general sports fans to stay in tune to what is happening in the sports world.

Some of the features that the site offers are publishing own content through site blogs, profile pages, forums, recommendations, making new friends and who knows, even hooking up with other sports fans nearby! Ball Tribe also sends a newsletter to your inbox everyday which would deliver the Top 5 news stories of the day. Other than sharing, blogging and interacting, the site also provides a great opportunity to bloggers who need visibility and traffic to their own personal blogs.

BallTribe is intended to be not just a news aggregator, but a sports community that crosses borders and timelines. The site could prove to be a great place for discussing the latest gossips about rugby, football, hockey or any other sports that you are fond of. You could also take a look at the CLCKD Social Networking Project, which helps people share links. Rockmelt is an interesting web browser that unites social networking with searching the web.