Xbox Live Companion Apps For Both Windows Phone & iOS Launches

Go anywhere and stay in the loop with all things Xbox Live with Microsoft’s latest app for both the Windows Phone and iOS.

Xbox Companion App for Windows Phone ImageXbox Companion App for Windows Phone Image 4

Life can get in the way of some good gaming. A pesky problem that Microsoft understands fully, which is why they’ve come up with, at least for Windows Phone users, the primo solution to help keep track of your Xbox Live account and do other handy things with the free Xbox Companion app.

Yes, I said free my peeps. But don’t think one second just because of that the Xbox Companion app has as much functionality as a cheap fart-machine (they Scrooged out on the iOS version instead – more on that later…) It has got lots of handy uses, like checking out your Gamerscore, sending messages to friends, or sending a call-out, called a “Beacon,” for those friends to join you in on some multiplayer.

The Xbox Companion app doesn’t stop there though — not at all — beyond surfing for your favorite movies, TV shows, music, games and apps through Xbox Live, you can also sync your Windows Phone to your Xbox 360 and start-up said content, even control playback of video & audio, with no fuss at all.

Xbox Companion App for Windows Phone Image 2Xbox Companion App for Windows Phone Image 3

Now in a odd, but quite appreciated, act of peace between rival companies, Microsoft also released a similar (sort of) app for Apple’s iOS, the My Xbox Live app. Disappointingly, it’s super bare-bones compared to the Windows Phone version, but if your basic needs apply to everything mentioned in the second paragraph of this story, minus the third, then My Xbox Live is readily available and free to download from iTunes.

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