Nerdy Sculptures Made With Canned Food

Picture this typical movie scene: A loveably awkward protagonist, or perhaps an antagonist on the verge of being ridiculed, makes the wrong move inside a supermarket and brings down -with a strepitous crash- a huge pile of cans which had been given the finishing touches by a grumpy stock clerk only minutes before. If the clerk was a nerd instead, then it’s likely no one would care about the characters because all the attention would be hogged by the cans. Like this:

This awesome Simpsons sculpture is indeed made entirely with cans. Now you could truly say Homer is what he eats … And that everything on TV is mass produced.

The scene is only one of many which are recreated yearly as a part of the competitions held by Canstruction, a non-profit organization dedicated to food charity. The participating teams are in charge of procuring the canned food they’ll need to materialize their creations, and they’re lead by professionals in the design and construction industries. Their work is later made available for all the public to see, and finally dismantled so that the cans may be given to “food banks for distribution to community emergency feeding programs.”

The Simpsons aren’t the only TV characters to have served as inspiration. Here, for instance, there’s Snoopy in his classic pose atop the dog house (Woodstock is included), and South Park’s Kenny McCormick, who’s so used to his own violent reccuring death by now that being disintegrated in little pieces can’t have bothered him too much.

These Super Mario structures are a few steps upper on the geeky ladder. They not only depict Mario himself but also other elements from the videogame series which have now become iconic in and of themselves, like the Mushroom and the Piranha Plant.

Apple lovers will appreciate these faithfully reproduced iPod players. Notice how the in-ear headphones were constructed in the first image, and the “iCan” inscription on the screen.

Sculptures of Wall-E, giant LEGO bricks, Rubik’s Cube and Pac-man, among others, have also been built in the past. If Andy Warhol could see them he’d declare them true pop art masterpieces, in more ways than one.

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Via: Todos Somos Frikis