Capcom Bar Menu: Resident Evil Brains, Phoenix Wright Pasta & More

Japanese game-maker Capcom opens a bar and presents some really wild menu dishes based on a few of its popular titles.

Resident Evil Brain Cake Full Image

When last month’s brow-raising news of Capcom, gaming purveyor of all things Street Fighter and Resident Evil, was opening up a stylish bar in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo, Japan, inquiring minds around the world wanted to know what sorts of Capcom-related hijinks Japanaese visitors would be in store for once the venue opened up this upcoming January 25th.

Rather than just settling for tacky dining areas based on iconic Street Fighter II stages, or having their wait staff dressed as zombies (wait, that’s tacky? that sounds awesome to me!), Capcom decided instead to spice up their food items with identifying charms belonging to some of their popular titles. Which perfectly explains the first good above, a desert creation that should probably please bizarre-cuisine seekers, the Resident Evil “Brain” cake.

Is it just a delightfully sweet brain-shaped desert? Or that chilled monkey-brain desert that was served in that one scene from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? You’ll have to pack your bags to Japan just to find out! (I’m sure it’s the former… maybe…)

Likely though, you’d probably want to start off any civilized meal with an entrée. There, the Capcom Bar has you fully covered with other Capcom-related delicacies; probably not as visually-threatening as the Resident Evil “brain” cake, but amazingly tantalizing enough to pick up a fork and dig in.

Care for pasta dish that is incredibly savory — guilty as charged? How about this Ace Attorney pasta & rice plate!

Ace Attorney Pasta Rice Image

Yes. Be it a light menu item, say this Sengoku Basara appetizer salad & soup… (Ooo, pretty.)

Sengoku Basara Salad Image

…or a meaty one, ala the Monster Hunter allaculte & meat… (Yummy!)

Monster Hunter Meat Image

…the Capcom Bar is where it’s at, Jack, if you want your culinary-senses fulfilled, all the while geeking out to your favorite Capcom games. As they say, Bon Appétit! If you happen to be in the Shinjuku area in the foreseeable future, I would totally recommend putting in a reservation A.S.A.P. Heck, I might just meet you there too!

Now, if plans for a Japanese randevú is out of the question — money is tight, I can understand — keep it here on Walyou instead while we recount you with fine stories of life-sized Stormtrooper cakes and these web and GPS-enabled spectacles by Lumus.