Uncharted: Drake’s Devotion Is Just Heart Warming

When we think of Uncharted, Sony PlayStation’s current flagship title, it was synonymous with over-the-top action, never romance… until now. We know Drake has very special relationships with the characters surrounding him throughout his 3 (soon to be 4) games, and we’ve seen him have great interactions with Chloe and Helena, mostly, but also with his would-be dad, Sullivan.


The dialog and charm of the characters is part of the reason why Uncharted is so fun to watch, even if one is not directly playing. Knowing this, a group of fans calling themselves TouchbonePictures have created a parody trailer using only in-game footage from Uncharted 3 and music where we get told a love story. The shocker? It’s not between Drake and Helena or Chloe, but Drake and Sully! Forget about all that father-son thing they have going on for a second, and enjoy the magic:

Now that is a very special relationship those two have going on. You see, girls, there’s a reason Nate never called back after each game: his heart is only big enough for Sully, the “cute” older chain-smoking guy. You didn’t have a chance from the get go.

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