25 Beautiful Chinese New Year Dragons

This year the Chinese New Year falls on 23rd January, so be prepared to shout out Xin Nian Kuai Le (Happy New Year in Chinese) with must gusto, while enjoying the beautiful Chinese dragons featured below.

For the uninitiated, the fifteen-day celebration of the start of the Chinese lunar calendar is associated with rollicking extravagant parties, beautiful dragon floats, loud firecrackers, and elaborate lantern displays.This year particularly is special, since 2012 is also the Year of the Water Dragon, which happens in the Chinese Zodiac every sixty years and symbolizes power and good luck.

Listed below are some of the most beautiful Chinese Dragons that typically have an elongated serpentine body, a pair of horns and five claws.

Green Smoking Chinese Dragon

Red Chinese Dragon With Lights

Dragon Float in South Korea

Sammy The Dragon

Red and Yellow Chinese Dragon

Beautiful Lit Dragon

Gold And Red Chinese Dragon

Dragon Head In Hong Kong

Dragon Float in Canada

Floating Dragon

Dragon Dance Parade

Dragon At Global Winter Wonderland

Dragon At Lantern Festival

Yellow And Blue Dragon

Chinese New Year Dragon Dance

Smoke Emitting Dragon

Chinese Dragon Head In NY, China Town

Red Dragon With Chinese Masks

2012 San Francisco Chinese Dragon Parade