Card Sagas Wars: A 16-Bit Brawler To Die For

One of my favorite series of games has always been Super Smash Brothers. When the first one came out for the Nintendo 64, I could hardly even believe that it existed. I mean, here was a fighting game that not only brought along a completely fresh and balanced set of rules (damage percentage instead of life bar) but it also let you play out matches that could, previously, only have been fantasies. These conversations inevitably pop-up whenever a large group of geeks congregate. Who would win in a fight – Superman or Goku? What would you rather ride – a Chocobo or Yoshi? We like the thought that video game characters can exist in a “same universe”, and for the most part they do, inasmuch as we interact with them in mostly the same way. Anyway, for the same reasons that we love Who Framed Roger Rabbit and that one manga that combined our much beloved Z fighters with the pirates from One Piece, we enjoy the games more, and so, it is more than just my pleasure to introduce to you guys Card Saga Wars

Your Eyes Are Not Deceiving You – This Is Real

Yes. That’s right. That’s a freaking 16-bit Warthog from Halo, with Spartans hanging out from the sides, and Samus Aran from Metroid caught under the front tires. Here’s a full video of the fight:

Card Saga Wars is a game currently being developed by two guys, Ahruon and Orkimedes from Spain. They use a software called M.U.G.E.N., a 2-D fighting game engine with endless possibilities (most other M.U.G.E.N. created games I found on YouTube were pretty hilarious/horrible fights involving Peter from Family Guy and Homer from … I don’t think I need to say). The developers incredibly made all of the sprites themselves in true 16-bit style so that they end up looking a lot like the characters from Metal Slug. The roster of characters are intense. The most surprising ones are Master Chief, Chrono (from Chrono Trigger), a Chocobo, Etna (from Disgaea and the list goes on.

Link VS. Chrono

From what I can tell from the videos, the game-play is a lot like any game from the Capcom Vs. series. This means that there is a focus on combos and aerials, assists and elaborate super techniques. I should point out that The line-up for assisting characters is even more mind-blowing than playable bench. It’s like the developers of the game tried to cram in as many video game characters that they could possibly think of. There are the Wacky Wabbits, A worm from Worms with a holy hand grenade and even a Katamari Damacy.

Since their website is mainly in Spanish, I’m not entirely certain about the status of the game now. According to some people, the beta’s been released with four playable characters. If anybody has any info on this enigma of a game, please let us know.

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