Be a Recycled Hero and Save the World with Cardboard Iron Man Suits

What do you do when you’ve got tons of cardboard and the ingenuity of Tony Stark? Be eco-friendly and build a homemade Iron Man suit, of course!


Redittor Royal Dump proudly showcased his works of art online last week, and since then his photos gathered hundreds of thousands of views.  According to the artist, it takes him about 1 to 2 weeks to finish a completed Iron Man suit from scratch. Some of the photos he shared include the Mk VI suit which was featured on Iron Man 2, and the works in progress of the Iron Man 3 suit, or the Mk VIII.

The artist most likely used tons of models and photos to get the exact measurements for every segment of Iron Man’s body. Upon close inspection, you will notice the cool details he added, such as every ridge and plate on the armor. And when the cardboard gets painted, the result looks just like the real thing. Except of course, this suit is more lightweight and probably won’t be a good idea to wear in the rain. Royal Dump also adds that the helmets were plastic casts molded from Iron Man movie-grade helmets.

These impressive homemade suits were just in time, too, to constantly keep Iron Man fanatics on edge before the Iron Man 3 premiere in April 2013.

Royal Dump also mentioned that these were not the first wave of Iron Man suits he has built. He was also able to replicate the Iron Man suit worn by Mr. Stark on the Avengers motion picture. He used foam instead of cardboard, and was able to produce two suits which he sold for a whopping $400 each! Photo is shown below:


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Via Fashionably Geek