10 Cartoon Shows All Grown Up

TV shows don’t usually grow up with us, but because people and web artists are obsessed with making everything grittier and more realistic, we get these wonderful works of art, giving us our favorite cartoon characters in a more adult form.

So if you’ve ever wondered how the Powerpuff Girls or Captain Planet’s Planeteers look like in adolescence or adulthood, this is the time to scroll down.



Based on he Arthur book series,the show has broadcast 190 30-minute long episodes, and its 16th season premiered on October 15, 2012. With 195 episodes, Arthur is one of the longest-running TV shows on PBS Kids, behind only Sesame Street.

Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Captain Planet

It was broadcast on TBS from September 15, 1990 to December 5, 1992. A sequel series, The New Adventures of Captain Planet, was produced by Hanna-Barbera and Turner Program Services, and was broadcast from September 11, 1993 to May 11, 1996.

Dexter’s Laboratory

Dexter's Labarotory

No longer the most famous Dexter in the world, Dexter’s Laboratory was introduced to the world in 1995 on Cartoon Network, and ran until 2003, with 78 episodes and 221 segments hitting the air, not to mention a television movie.



Doug was one of the three original Nicktoons along with Rugrats and Ren & Stimpy, and later ventured to the Disney channel, resulting in a total of 117 episodes over nine years, with a two year hiatus from 1994 to 1996.

Ed, Edd ‘n’ Eddy

Ed, Edd, Eddy

The series began airing after several delays on January 4, 1999 and after 69 episodes and 131 segments, the TV movie finale was aired on November 8, 2009, officially ending the series.

Hey Arnold!

Hey Arnold

Hey Arnold! ran for 8 years, producing five seasons and 100 episodes, ending in 2004. A feature film, originally named Hey Arnold!: The Movie, came out in 2002.

Jimmy Neutron

Jimmy Neutron

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genuis, was a 2001 film that did pretty well, based on three minute animated shorts shown on Nickelodeon between the years 1999-2002. The film had two spin-off TV Series. The movie’s first spin-off series, The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, premiered on July 20, 2002 and ended on November 25, 2006. The movie’s second spin-off series Planet Sheen premiered on October 2, 2010 and ended on February 15th, 2013.

Magic School Bus

Magic School Bus

Based on the book series of the same name by Bruce Degen and Joanna Cole, the show premiered on September 10, 1994, with the last episode airing on December 6, 1997.

The Powerpuff Girls

Power Puff Girls

The series made its official debut as a Cartoon Cartoon on November 18, 1998, with the final episode airing on March 25, 2005. A total of 78 episodes were aired in addition to two shorts, a Christmas special, a feature film, and a tenth anniversary special.



The Rugrats first appeared in 1991, resulting in 172 episodes and three feature films.

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