Chibi Heroes Woodblock Prints By Jeb Hernry

Japanese folk art meets the gaming universe once again in this sweet set of artwork.

Best Friends woodblock print Jeb Henry top image

Back for a round two of awesomeness is author and illustrator Jed Henry, who you might remember coming up with – and eventually Kickstarting – a collection of gaming artwork swayed by the ancient Japanese Ukiyo-e woodblock print style that appeared between the 17th and the 20th centuries (thank you, Wikipedia.)

Jed’s previous works using this sort of visual trope were visually bold, folksy takes on big name-brand gaming series: Metroid, Street Fighter II, and Zelda just to name a few. And they were spectacular, but this time folks, he’s taking a cuter, munchkin-esque route with his latest spin-off series keeping with gaming influences, Chibi Heroes.

Best Friends woodblock print Jeb Henry image

The first two, with more on the way, are based on Star Fox and Mega Man, and boy is cute the apt word to describe them. Chibi, if you’re unfamiliar with this Japanese terminology, often applies to anything tiny and adorable, to which Jed manages to pull off muy bueno here.

I so want to hug these guys… although I shouldn’t, because they’re made on fine-crafted 6 x 16 paper that I would imagine crumples quite easily. No problem though, you can enjoy them all the same in a nice picture frame.

Power Down woodblock print Jeb Henry image

Right now, Jed is offering a subscription service for anyone interested in acquiring these amazing prints, where in, for $22.50 USD (postage included) you’ll receive a pair of the Chibi Heroes’ collection every month beginning November 1.

There will be 12 issues of the collection, meaning that you’ll receive 24 prints in all if you decide to re-up your subscription every month, although, if the subscription model isn’t to your liking, Jed will offer up individual prints for sale at a later date.

Info on the Chibi Heroes collection and much more can be found via Jeb’s website, and as for info on a custom hand-made Green Lantern armor and a Disney Super Robot, well, that’s where Walyou is your friend. Like, a cool friend, you know. The kind that cuts class and smokes cigarettes behind the gym bleachers – yeah, that cool.