China 3D prints their first 6-story building

A group of engineers in China has found the most impressive use yet for 3D printing after they used that technology to create a 6-story building.

3d printed 6 story building 1

3D printing has come a long way, but each year more and more fantastic creations come along that show us the endless possibilities of this technology, and right now its crowning achievement is this 3D printed 6-story building created by Chinese company WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Co. This building was printed using a 20ft tall, 33 ft wide and 132 ft long 3D printer loaded with proprietary printing material that used recycled construction components, glass fiber and a secret ingredient by WinSun (how mysterious!).

This building was printed in pieces which the construction workers assembled on site, with each piece being hollow so they could be reinforced to make sure it was resistant enough. The building was topped off with a marble and brick facade because nothing beats that sleek look.

3d printed 6 story building 2

WinSun had experience in the field thanks to having created a series of small houses and villas around Shanghai, but this is their first project with such an impressive size. Apparently this reduced the cost and work needed as it was 60% less materials, 80% less labor and 70% faster than the regular construction process.

Via Technabob

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