New Nintendo 3DS hack does away with region locking

Up until now, Nintendo 3DS games were blocked for other regions, but thanks to a user’s hack, the consoles can now play any game, at least until Nintendo patches it.

regionthree_nintendo_3ds_region_unlock 1

A coder by the name of Jordan “Smealum” Rabet (who the community already knows thanks to the Ninjhax project) has come up with a new hack that allows the Nintendo 3DS to do something gamers have been asking for years while Nintendo looks the other way: to be able to play games from any region, bypassing the region lock that ensures games can’t be imported.

This project is called RegionThree, and works with every Nintendo 3DS system out there, save the New 3DS/3DS XL variants, which aren’t available in the US and Europe yet. By exploiting some code in the console’s browser, the system gets to run all kinds of code, including that from foreign regions. While this opens the door for piracy on the system, Smealum’s project itself is not about that, with the author even explaining he condones the activity.

Users interested in this hack can check out the author’s GitHub page, and follow his instructions.

Via Technabob

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