iChocolate: Where Chocolates Meets iPhone Applications

I guess the real temptation in this world, that every person, right from a kid to adults, including oldies can’t resist are the delicious chocolates. I see your mouth is already watering! To do full justice to such temptation, there are the most upcoming creative chocolates in the market, iChocolates!Where Chocolates Meets iPhone Applications

I guess the name already rings the bell in your minds with the most popular product iPhone. You got it right. So all of you must have definitely been aware of the iPhone and iPad applications, considering its bizarre popularity. You can now actually have each of these applications right into your mouth, in the form of amazing French hand-made chocolates.

All you need to know that the applications’ logos on the chocolates are totally edible and not the play of the wrappers. The secret of the passion for chocolates lies in its recipe. Made out of finger licking flavors of caramel, ganache, coffee, hazelnuts and sweet almonds, could any Chocó-lover have asked for more? Not to forget the sweet smells of the organic cocoa beans.

Where Chocolates Meets iPhone Applications (2)

So if you can’t afford your iPhone yet, you can definitely enjoy its ‘features’ with the iChocolates! The most appealing part is that each 20 piece box set includes 4 different flavors. Can’t wait to hog on these delicacies. Then run to the Etsy, for each of these application sets, I mean chocolates are just for $46.44 per box, a perfect gift for all Apple lovers.

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