Chris Evans Stars in New Call of Duty: Online Trailer

As Activision and Tencent launch Call of Duty: Online, the publishers behind the shooter have released a new trailer starring Captain America’s Chris Evans.

Call of Duty Online Chris Evans

As of July, 2014, the Call of Duty franchise had sold a massive 188,900,000 million copies across all platforms. For over 12 years the Activision published franchise has allowed players to put finger to virtual trigger and blow up scenery, vehicles and each other in fast-paced, high octane gameplay.

However, due to the highly politicised nature of the Call of Duty games, fans in China have never been able to play it. One game that comes to mind is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 which pit Western allies against a terrorist organisation from Russia (one of China’s allies) and the game even saw the group attack Russian civilians in an airport in the now notorious ‘No Russian’ level.

Understandably, China wouldn’t accept games with such storylines in the country but now, Activision have come up with an alternative. Activision and local Chinese partner Tencent have created Call of Duty: Online and they’ve released trailer (starring Captain America’s Chris Evans) to promote it.

Although there is a single player campaign in the game (called Hero Ops), the focus is clearly on the online side of things (the game’s name may have given this away). As Chris and his ragtag bunch of gamer friends present in the above trailer, succeeding in Call of Duty: Online will be all about teamwork. Gameplay seems to riff off of Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops’ online modes – no fancy gadgets like the super-powered Exo suits in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (the latest Call of Duty release) just guns, grenades and plenty of claymores. Chinese gamers also get access to a PVE (player vs. environment) mode called Cyborg which, as you might have guessed, lets players take out cyborgs.

Also good news for Chinese gamers is that Call of Duty: Online is free to play on PC, so all is needed is a speedy Internet connection.

Call of Duty: Online launched in open beta in China today and while there don’t appear to be any plans to bring the game out West, we’ll keep you posted.

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