Chris Hadfield records his first music video… in SPACE

Commander Chris Hadfield was sitting cozy at the international space station orbiting earth, and recorded the first music video shot in Space.


This is planet earth to commander Hadfield, you are awesome!

Space may be a cold, dead place, but commander Chris Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut, has made it just a little less terrifying for the lot of us by covering David Bowie’s space oddity, overlooking the blue oceans of planet Earth.

This is the Canadian astronaut’s third successful foray into space and his successful return today made the news around the world. During his time in space he’s made several tweets and has kept up with social media and even gave us a full fledged Ask Me Anything on Reddit while orbiting our beautiful planet 16 times a day. But less about the internet, here’s the cover in question.

If the video hasn’t moved you to tears already, you can expect a lot more coming from the 53 year old airforce veteran turned astronaut. During his time on expedition 35 in space, he’s recorded an original piece called Jewel in the Night (which can be conveniently located on his Youtube Channel).

While Hadfield may not be the next David Bowie, the work, heart and soul put into this cover has already made the rounds around the world, with the video sitting near 4 million views in under 3 days. Geeks and non-geeks alike are unified in their love for the Canadian and his achievements and work on the international space station.

While an image may be worth a million words, there’s almost nothing that can be said to do justice to this video. I only wish he could have heard the world’s applause after that performance before coming back to our pale blue dot.

Source : io9

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