Luke Skywalker’s Home – 37 Years Later

Back in 1976, they George Lucas took some people to the Tunisian desert to start filming what would become one of the more significant pop culture phenomenon in history – Star Wars, Episode IV. After 37 years, photographer Rä di Martino returned to the set of Luke Skywalker’s home in Tatooine, to see what remained.

Luke's Home

Fake Tattooine

It’s hard to think of a scene from the original Star Wars film that hasn’t become legendary and unmovable from the memory of those who cherish the series, but the landscape of Tatooine, set in the Tunisian desert, has to be one of the.


Tatooine Years Later

Nearly 40 years later, things aren’t that different. A traditional underground building in Matmâta, Tunisia was used as a set for Luke’s home on Tatooine. The few additions the filming crew made remain on sight, although time has taken its toll on what remains.

Abandoned Tatooine

Tatooine Set

Set of Tatooine

Tatooine From afar

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