Self-Made Dead Space Plasma Cutter Replica

This is one Dead Space plasma cutter replica that is a “cut” above the rest.

Plasma Cutter replica by Patrick Priebe image

Issac Clarke’s trusty plasma cutter in the Dead Space series slices up nasty Necromorphs like a hot knife through alien-infested butter. The best that Patrick Priebe’s own replica plasma cutter can do is burn through a block of wood, but it’s still a terrific side project either way.

Patrick’s plasma cutter isn’t as close looking to the Dead Space source material, I’ll grant you that, but the fact that it has a working laser that can wield actual damage, pretty much makes up for its rather makeshift appearance. Even though I like that part about it too – gives it character.

Inside his replica, Patrick included two lasers, three separate ones for aiming (green-colored) that use a 30mW beam, and a 1.5W laser (blue-colored) that can burn through a garbage bag or a piece of plywood. Oh, and no, you don’t want to point something like that at an eyeball.

Along with its burning attributes, Patrick also managed to build in the same operating motions to his plasma cutter from the game, going from vertical to horizontal and round back again. And if you think that sounds as cool as it does, well then see it in action.

Told ya it was cool.

As you can probably tell Patrick is a laser-making master, and if you want to see more of this craftsmanship, then head over to his website LASER GADGETS where he has all sorts of laser-related items, like laser guns and laser gloves!

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