Stylish Christmas Tea To Share With Your Loved Ones

Christmas gets people in the mood to share and have a good time, and nothing goes with that like a warm drink. How about we add a stylish touch to that combo?


As the author explains, the concept behind these cute teas especially themed for Christmas is sharing, so each tree comes with two tea bags. The idea is, users split the tree in half, each keeps the half tree with a bag, and apply hot water for some delicious tea to go along with the holiday spirit.


This creative packaging is the work of Maja Matas, Kresimir Miloloza, and Jozo Matas, from Mint. Several aspects help make it stand out, such as the clear Christmas theme, but also the ease of use, how clear and clean it looks, and also, the great thinking process behind them. It’s one of those really simple ideas, particularly well carried out.


If you’re ready for some tea, shared with a  loved one, head over to their store and get yours now. Otherwise, stay with us to check out more Christmas themed articles: 15 Crazy Christmas Light Displays and Pac-Man Christmas Decorations in Italy. Can you feel the love, dear reader? We can.