Pac-Man Christmas Decoration in Italy

Life is more than just eating pills 24/7, and now even our favorite yellow video game guy is getting ready for Christmas.

Genoa is much more than just the birthplace of Colombus, and proof of this is the original and creative Pac-Man Christmas Decoration they had going on in 2010, which made geeks all around the world rejoice: can you do anything but approve after seeing these?


Pac-Man is, nowadays, more than just a geek thing, but also a cultural icon of the 80’s, a classic figure, and something that transcends generations (we’re sure most parents and kids both played Pac-Man at some point), so it’s great to see it coming back to life in ways that are meaningful not only to geeks, but to all kinds of people. Now Pac-Man is ready to join the Christmas celebrations all around the globe!


The people at the city of Genoa celebrated Christmas with a geeky spin, replacing some of the traditional decoration with Pacman lights. We’re sure Genoan geeks must have felt proud.


After this creative twist, we’re wondering if Genoa could be the geekiest city in Europe, or which ones could compete. How about your hometown? Has your city ever tried something like this? We’re dying to hear about everyone else’s decoration, so the comment section is open and ready for you guys.

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