DIY Animetronic Pony That Breathes Fire

A team recently designed an animetronic pony that, for some reason, happens to be able to breathe fire. Oh, and it’s available as a DIY project too.

fire breathing animetronic pony

Just when you think you’ve seen it all: some bunch of geeky nuts decided to create their very own fire breathing pony. Why a pony, and why one that breathes fire? Those are questions that the universe might never share to answer.

Seriously though, according to our source, the project originally started out as something quite different, involving a much friendlier and non-fire breathing pony. However, thanks to the crazy way the world worked, the team behind the pony eventually took a different path, one that involved flamethrowers.

Check out the video below to see the pony in action.

The best part about all this is that the team who designed the pony have also posted DIY instructions on Instructables so that any fire-breathing pony enthusiasts amongst you can build your own one in your garage or basement.

You’ll need a variety of tools, most of which can be easily obtained from the tool-boxes of handymen, computer nerds and part-time electricians. The toughest part will be finding a pony frame, which the team suggest going to craiglist for and securing a Butterscotch or S’more pony, those real sized dolls that used to be all the craze.

It’s not the cheapest project out there, but it might be one of the most unique, and fulfilling ones you’ll ever take part of.

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